We help brands and public figures get perfect social media usernames.


Got a username you’d like but it’s taken? We can help!

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What We Do

We specialize in claiming inactive & dormant social media usernames
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Harmonizing Social Branding for Startups, Established Brands & Public Figures

and loving every bit of it.

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You, when all your social media handles are in harmony
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Meet the Wizards, Syncing Your Handles

We do just one thing, and we’re the best at it

Brand Wizard & CEO
Hamed Hassan
Hassan - is the maestro of taming wild, dormant and inactive usernames to sing your brand name in harmony.
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Digital Identity Architect
Joe James
James - is the architect that overlooks and orchestrates the username claim process ensuring quick results.
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Customer Happiness Hero
Daisy Mendoza
Daisy sprinkles joy across your handle harmonizing journey, ensuring every step feels like a skip in the park.
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Why It Matters

Consistency = Credibility

Because @brandname is way more professional than @brand_nameco
Short & easy usernames improve your discoverability and shareability
Brandable usernames maximize digital marketing impact
and maximize your social brand recall value

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