Can you guarantee a username claim approval?

Last Updated
November 15, 2022
Date Published
January 10, 2022

Claim Guarantees

Under no circumstances can we guarantee that we can claim a given username.

As part of our service, our team will utilize their experience and connections with social networks to successfully claim your desired username.

However, we do not control the outcome as the final decision to approve a username change request lies with the internal team at a given social media network.

In an even where we fail to claim a username for you, you will be refunded in full. There are no charges whatsoever if we are unable to get a username for you.

Multiple Claims

From time to time, we have brands and start-ups who'd like usernames claimed on multiple platforms, and we provide a proposal/quotation for the same.

However, it is highly possible that in such cases, a claim maybe approved on one social network and rejected on another.

While we always advice clients to get as many usernames they can that match their domain, we cannot ever guarantee that we can successfully all the claims that they'd like.

As an example, you might have @John_Doe_ on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook. And you want to get @JohnDoe on all.

As part of our service, we maybe able to update your username to @JohnDoe on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook and not be able to get it on Twitter.