Can you help with unbans, merges or similar services?

Last Updated
October 3, 2023
Date Published
August 19, 2022

Exclusive Services

At Handle Harmony, we have a suite of exclusive services that we provide to both existing clients and our partners.

NOTE - These services are exclusively for registered partners and existing clients. Currently - we are not able to provide these services to new clients.


Service to help unban a banned or disabled account. We can help remove all kinds of bans including but not limited to permanent ban, copyright ban, impersonation ban and more.

Ban of Impersonating Accounts

Service to help permanently ban a profile that is actively impersonating you/your brand. We can help permanently ban an account if it is using your logo/profile photo/content and actively impersonating you, and duping prospects.

NOTE - this service is NOT to ban a trademarked username. We cannot ban an account just because it has your trademarked username.

Hacked Recovery

Service to help restored hacked and compromised social media accounts. We can help restore your hacked account - provided that you have access to the originally attached email and phone that was connected to the account.

2FA Removal

Service to help remove and bypass 2FA security and help you log back into your account. If you/your client have lost access to your 2FA method and backup codes, we can help disable the 2FA in place and help you take back control of your account.


Service to help merge two profiles into one. Within this service, we can merge the two pages into one, thereby combining the followers/fans of both pages into one page.

NOTE - This service applies only to Facebook and Instagram.