How do I know if the username I’d like is active or inactive?

Last Updated
September 1, 2023
Date Published
January 20, 2022

How to Know if a Username is Inactive

At times, it may be difficult to find out whether a username you'd like is inactive or not. This is especially the case if the desired username is taken by a profile that is private.

What Makes an Account Inactive & Claimable?

To begin, we must understand what 'inactive' exactly means. For us to be able to claim a username, it should have been inactive for a minimum of 1 year from current date.

This means that the desired profile must not have, in the last one year -

  • Logged in, and consecutively
  • Not made any interaction
  • Not made any posts, stories, etc.

How to Find Out if a Username in Inactive?

There is no sure fire way to confirm if a given username is inactive. For this reason, this is something we at Handle Harmony check for during your inquiry.

With that said, it's highly possible that a profile is inactive if it carries one or more of below traits -

  • No new posts in the last year or longer
  • No profile photo/display photo - or an outdated (pixelated) profile photo/display photo

NOTE - Whether or not a username is inactive is something our team will check for you as part of your inquiry with us.