What are your payment terms for username claims?

Last Updated
July 27, 2023
Date Published
November 21, 2021

Payment Terms

Our payment terms are simple. In order for us to proceed a claim, we'll bill you 50% advance payment via Stripe (VISA/MasterCard).

Upon completion of the claim, we'll then bill the remainder.

In a case, where we fail to process a claim, we'll refund you the complete advance payment in full. There will be no charges whatsoever.

No-Prepayment Facility

On a case by case basis, we may be able to provide a no-prepayment facility to certain brands and public figures.

This means that we'll only bill you, in full, after we have successfully completed your username claim request.

Refund Policy

In a case where we fail to process a username claim request, no charges will be applicable.

However - once a username claim has been completed successfully, no refunds will be applicable and any due amount should be completed within the provided timeline.