All You Need to Know: Instagram Username Trademark Infringement Policy

A username is infringing on your trademarked name. Can you report it?
Date Published
September 10, 2023

Let me begin with the bad news first. If someone is infringing on your trademarked name via their username, there (almost) is nothing you can do about it. Here is what Instagram has to say about usernames that use your trademark -

Usernames are generally claimed on a first-come, first-served basis. This means that you may see an Instagram account that includes your trademark in its username.

Can You Report an Instagram Account for Trademark Infringement?

Well ... it depends.

Let's assume you have trademarked 'GreenPlanet'.

And someone on Instagram has the username @greenplanet.

Does this mean that you can report this username because they are using @greenplanet on Instagram? Well ... of course not!

Now ... let's assume that this account is using your logo, putting up posts and impersonating you in order to deceive and confuse your customers ... ding ding ding ... now you have a trademark infringement case, and you can report to Instagram and ... just maybe ... they may do something about it.

Just to make it clear before we move on ... just because someone's username matches your trademarked name, doesn't mean that you can report them or take up their username. It doesn't work like that.

How to Get a Taken Username that Infringes on My Trademark?

So - here we are. You want a username. It matches your trademark, and your domain. But ... it's taken by someone else. Well ... what can we do about it? 

It depends. It depends on whether or not the desired username (in our example @greenplanet) is active or dormant.

If the desired username is inactive/dormant then you can get it claimed by working with an agency like Handle Harmony. If you haven't already, checkout our inactive Instagram username services.

Now, if the desired username is taken and active - then, there is not much you can do. You may try to work out a deal with the current handle owner, or, if you want ... our team can securely and safely broker a deal with the current owner, and hand over the username to you.

Final Words

So - no, you cannot get someone else's username by reporting trademark infringement unless they are impersonating to be you. However, if the desired username is inactive and dormant, we can get it for you!

Looking to get an inactive username on Instagram? Contact us and our username wizards will make it happen in no time!

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