What type of usernames can you claim?

Last Updated
May 1, 2023
Date Published
June 15, 2022

Types of Usernames that Can Be Claimed

We are only able to claim usernames that have been inactive for a period exceeding one year.

Additionally, we can only claim usernames that are not banned or suspended.

How to Find Out if a Username is Inactive

Please refer to our documentation here.

How to Find Out if a Usernames is Banned/Suspended

Twitter - Twitter, now named X.com directly tells you if a username/profile is suspended. When you visit a username, and if the page says that the given profile is suspended, then we cannot claim this username.

Instagram and Facebook - With Instagram and Facebook, they don't directly inform if a username is banned or suspended. However, if a username you'd like doesn't seem to be taken, but, you are also at the same time unable to register it, that would confirm that the username is banned, suspended or disabled. If this is the case, then we cannot claim such usernames.

TikTok - Similar to Twitter, TikTok would as well tell whether a given username profile is banned. If a given username you'd like shows up as banned/suspended, then we cannot claim this username.

Why Banned Usernames Cannot be Claimed

In the earlier days you could get banned usernames claimed. However, this led to bad actors falsely banning usernames/profiles they'd like to have, and then claiming it for themselves.

As such, all social networks made the move to make banned usernames non-claimable.


In majority of the cases, we cannot claim banned usernames. However, there are exceptions (although rare) where we can help claim a banned username.

It must be noted that claiming banned usernames is a time consuming and extremely expensive affair. As such, this service is reserved for existing clients and registered partners.